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A spacious shared space is a very important factor in a shared life in a large detached house.

In addition to your own room, a spacious living room, a kitchen where you can cook comfortably, and a spacious living space will enrich your life in a share house with the presence of your sharemates.

BANZAI HOUSE, a renovated old wooden house, is a home for everyone who wants a spacious shared space and handmade wooden furniture.


Shared facilities and equipment

Optical wireless LAN

Large TV

Apple TV

5.1ch theater system inkjet multifunction device

Large system kitchen

Kitchen counter

Dimmable lighting in the living room and kitchen


Toaster oven

microwave oven

Mill & Juice Mixer

Various cooking utensils


Air cleaner


Washing machine x 1

Washbasin x 2

Bathroom x 1

Shower room x 1

Toilet x 2

Covered veranda

All rooms are equipped with air conditioner, bed, futon and storage

(Some furniture is available)

Security camera (entrance)

Digestive organ

Fire alarm

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