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​Share house in Sunamachi Ginza, Tokyo

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It is a share house with a simple fee system

[The cost of moving in is only rent + deposit]

[Rent includes utilities]

[Half price for the first month! ]

The deposit will be returned when you move out unless the room is damaged or the rent is delinquent.


Feel free to start a new life and move as soon as you think of it. That's the good thing about share houses. The simple system fits various lifestyles.

  • 半年以上入居される方は、最初の30日は賃料50%OFF。

  • デポジットは部屋を破損したり、賃料の滞納などがなければ退去時にご返却します。​

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What is downtown​
Easy to live in!

BANZAIHOUSE is located in the downtown area of Koto-ku, Tokyo, and is an area where prices are cheaper than in the city center and it is very easy to live in. Therefore, there are many families, and during the daytime, children's playing voices can be heard from the outside, and a calm air is flowing.

Sunamachi Ginza Shopping Street, which can be reached within a 3-minute walk, is a super-discount shopping street that is often visited by TV interviews as it is the cheapest in Tokyo. Vegetables, fish, meat, sushi, oden, everything is cheap!

Ario Kitasuna, a 5-minute walk, is a shopping mall with a supermarket. It is very convenient because it has many specialty stores, restaurants, LOFT and Marasaki Sports.


A big house where everyone lives

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"BANZAI HOUSE", which was renovated from a large wooden house and opened in 2011, is a secret base share house in the back alley of downtown.

There are 7 private rooms for men and women, and 1 double room for women only. Up to 9 people can live.

In the spacious living room with warm handmade furniture and the easy-to-use kitchen with a counter, you can relax with your friends, share meals, and enjoy a life that is a bit different from living alone.

Living with "I'm home" and "Welcome back" and wonderful friends are waiting for you.

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