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There are many public baths around Kitasuna, where BANZAIHOUSE is located, and the super-discount shopping street is full of energy.

In addition to low prices, there are supermarkets and shopping malls, making it a very convenient living environment. Due to the good security, there are many families in addition to the locals from the old days, and children's play voices can be heard in the city.

​ How about a downtown life where the atmosphere is different from that of the city?


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Many famous stores

There are also many famous shops that are often visited by TV. In particular, it is also a fierce battleground area for delicious food such as sushi restaurants, fish restaurants, and oden restaurants.


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​Cheap vegetables!

Sunamachi Ginza Shopping Street, a 3-minute walk from BANZAI HOUSE, is a famous shopping street with super-discount prices. In particular, the 10th of every month is called the stupid market, and it is a special sale day where each store competes to reduce the price. Recently, it seems that it is held on the 20th and 30th in response to the favorable reception.


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Enjoy interaction

The people in the downtown area were very friendly. If you remember your face, they will give you a nice service. If you enjoy interacting with the locals, you will feel like a second local.

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